A Modern Cleopatra on the Prowl

The most dangerous woman in politics is without doubt Nicola Sturgeon, who rose from the ranks of Scottish politics to virtually dominate the news media with her left-wing pronouncements and debating skills.

She has cultivated a star-studded personality rarely seen in politics since the days of Margaret Thatcher.

The difference, however, is that Nicola has managed to instil fear in her English opponents and reduce them to jellies with policies that threaten the basic structure of a British establishment that seemed unshakably resilient to extreme change.

She does it with style, yet behind her contrived smile – I once compared her to Cleopatra – there lies a sinister determination to call the shots in a future British Parliament from her seat of power in Scotland, turning her defeat in the Scottish Referendum into a means for the disintegration of the United Kingdom.

The British public should be seriously aware of her intentions and refrain from giving her the power to implement her devilish scheme by refusing to vote Labour – for it is only through Labour in a hung Parliament that she would be able to rule the roost and attain her objective.

So there is no time to waste for this woman means business and will stop at nothing in pursuit of her strategy to reverse the present order and make us a laughing stock throughout the world.

Those who love Britain as it has stood for centuries, be warned, be wise, and don’t let this modern Cleopatra fool you.

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