The Political Fog

It’s hard to be creative these days.

The mind is bogged down by political manoeuvring from candidates of all parties trying desperately to be elected to the new Parliament, where chaos will then turn to infighting on a much greater scale than before.

Unless, of course, the Conservatives win public confidence and are able to form a government.

But the dreadful possibilities remain that Labour, the party which caused untold harm to the British economy under Gordon Brown, will be succeeded by a bunch of left-wingers whose tenure before they even start will lead to a catastrophic nosedive for anything achieved during the past five years.

Despite the global recession, one must admit that Britain has fared better than most and is likely to move forward by curtailing government overspending and keeping a firm hand in boosting the economy, through incentives likely to determine the future prosperity of the nation as a whole.

We need to encourage business, work harder, support the middle classes who seem to bear the brunt of being overtaxed, and give them the means to revert to the adventurous spirit that they once had.

We must also ensure that the poorer in our society are given ample chances to earn more, not through social benefits but as a compensation for their contribution to the wealth of the nation.

The Conservatives must refrain from being tagged with the very rich and the old school tie and base their policies on equality for all, irrespective of background and celebrity status.

No one, however powerful, should be shielded by policies which give him safe haven, where he can willy-nilly abuse the system and still get away with it.

All the above is important, although we know very well that politics is becoming an irritating subject for the simple reason that the factual begets lies and promises rarely materialise.

We are hoodwinked to believe the improbable and are led like lambs to the slaughterhouse, without actually being aware of it.

They say ‘That’s life!’ and those who reckon to have been hardened by this phenomena are the ones who are unfortunately destined to succeed.

I can’t wait for the election to be over so that we who write are no longer constrained by lack of creativity due to a mind seizure resulting from an overdose of political platitudes.

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