The Feminine Enigma

I’m not surprised to read that taking an age to get ready and always going to the lavatory in pairs are among the top fifty things that baffle men about women.

A poll of two thousand men also found that many don’t understand women’s obsession with shoes and handbags, their love of candles and their need for scatter cushions.

The contents of their handbags, often a well-guarded secret, expensive visits to hairdressers at regular intervals, and constant diets that tend to irritate, also perplex the average man; and the disproportionate claim to have ‘nothing to wear’, when standing in front of a wardrobe full of clothes, also made the list.

The study found that the average man was confused by his partner six times a week. While many found the differences ‘endearing’ almost sixty per cent of men admitted it had led to arguments.

Kirsty Oakes, the marketing manager of Hammond’s Furniture, which commissioned the research, said: ‘For years there have been things men and women struggle to understand about each other. Shoes, handbags and clothes leave many men scratching their heads, perhaps because they often have the bare essentials in the wardrobes themselves. It can make a woman’s shoe and clothes collection seem huge, especially when men just don’t understand the need for them all.’

In the list of topics which bewildered, mood swings came top, followed by ‘shopping being a social event’ and the time it took women to get ready.

As I see it, the feminine mystique, although it can be a source of aggravation at times, is the main factor that keeps the sexes in thrall of each other. To understand women fully will rob us of a bond that flourishes through a process of perpetual discovery and keeps relationships free from a dreaded stagnancy.

Curiously enough in life, it is often the opposites that keep the fire of concupiscence burning for conflicts are known to generate a certain frisson which is hard to define. To crown it all, woman up to mischief are often wiser than men.

2 responses to “The Feminine Enigma

  1. themallgirl

    this article just doesn’t sound true. fortunately women – just like men – with healthy soul and balanced life don’t focus on items so much in their life as this article suggests it. especially people with children. and telling that men don’t understand the need of those items… sounds like someone who is unable to see herself and her life from a distance.
    I am a woman with a stabil relationship with a guy. Eg. in my case the man is who tries to persuade me to go to the hair dresser: he cannot accept my gray hair – unlike me myself. 😉


  2. I have sympathy for themallgirl’s comment. I see a picture of woman as commented upon in a magazine, i.e. one strand of highly mediated women. Of course the woman you describe exists. Of course I have found relationships with men lead to many dead-ends. I wonder if it is not the stereotypes we have of one another that foster that very misunderstanding. I personally go through a phase of disillusion concerning love with men because the high fires of the beginning, the beauteousness of it all often comes crashing deadpan in the middle of nowhere. Our respective biologies is important I think, contrary to people who think I would play determinism here. It is our respective reality, hormones inadvertently play with our minds. Just a few thoughts… Thank you for inspiring me 🙂