Has the Labour Party Lost its Way?

I’m astonished how Labour keep coming up with new policies as the election is nearing its climax in order to steer the working class into believing that Labour are on their side.

The truth of the matter is the opposite.

To fleece the rich is an old dogma that has long ago passed its sell by date, for the very people that spend big money as if there is no tomorrow are to a larger extent boosting the economy, reducing the number of unemployed and causing a real boom in the property sector – which, in its turn, is the pivot in enticing the mega rich from abroad to settle in London and spend vast sums of money which the British cannot afford.

The proof is that despite the so-called recession the restaurants in the capital are bursting at the seams with clients and the shops with expensive garments are mushrooming everywhere to cope with the unshakeable demand of foreigners who view London as the centre of the universe.

The bunch of Labour left-wingers, with Ed Miliband as their leader, are beginning to frighten the life out of the very people that are instrumental in keeping Britain afloat by announcing measures that will surely drive them to more friendly environments and leave us to rue the day.

Howlers of this proportion will cripple the economy and lessen our influence in the world.

To bite the hand that feeds us is lethally counter-productive and will signal to the world that Britain has put the clock back to the dark days of shambolic economic disasters by loonies who are determined to seek power no matter how.

The working classes have never had better opportunities to improve their standard of living than during the past few years. If Labour come to power with their empty promises they will experience a decline in their earnings and unemployment will be rife.

A lot of people will be worried if the British electorate opts for Labour, whose hypocritical stance on most things is deplorable.

Suffice to look at Tony Blair and the millions of pounds he amassed, and you will want to flee the country in disgust.

Let’s pray that the working class will save the day by rejecting Labour and choosing the Conservatives as the most practical option. They will simply be better off.

2 responses to “Has the Labour Party Lost its Way?

  1. Mazen Salha

    Labours myopic view and populist ways have always harmed the UK economy. Unfortunately the layman in the street has very little understanding of basic economics. Gone are the days of visionaries and leaders. Keynes must be turning in his grave.


  2. Dear Naim

    I greatly enjoy your blogs but I do feel that your support of
    the current Tory leadership is troublesome. David Cameron
    is not a leader fit to lead the Party. Boris Johnson would be
    a most welcome replacement!

    Here are my reasons:


    Cameron has shown a lack of judgment in all these cases and this has
    morally disqualified him from being Prime Minister

    1. His judgment on agreeing for a Scottish Referendum has been disastrous and may well lead to a break-up of the United Kingdom

    2. His leadership on “the Bedroom tax” on the disabled was more than heartless

    3. His weakness in promising a referendum on the Europe has been galling and may result in Britain leaving the European Community

    4. Appointing Andy Coulson illustrated his inability to listen to advisors or to select the most trustworthy

    5. Failure to keep his promise in 2010 to tackle immigration still rankles and has been the only platform for UKIP

    6. His endorsement the Post-Office sell-off has hurt the nation and has only been of profit to the investors

    7. Outsourcing national security to G4S and SERC0 has endangered Britain placing our airspace and nuclear facilities in danger

    8. His ideological commitment to constricting the size of government has not been in the public interest and has damaged the function of departments

    9. Failure to tackle youth unemployment has shown his lack of vision

    10. His pledges on housing, a balanced budget, control of the deficit, and the NHS have all been broken showing him to be more than just another untrustworthy politician. It has demonstrated his unsuitability for office.

    All the above illustrate his contempt for “the public interest,” as well as for public services. His commitment to strengthening the grip of corporations and weakening the representation of workers and his willingness to selling Britain’s power and water facilities to foreign states have all served to diminish the integrity of the nation. His failure to give greater priority to the environment , as he had promised, endangers not only our children and grandchildren but the very future of the UK