The Sensational Rise of Nicola Sturgeon

On my 1st April blog (The Conservatives in the Danger Zone) I warned the Tories that Nicola Sturgeon, whom I labelled as the modern Cleopatra, is not to be overlooked as a potential threat to their election hopes and that they should marshal their strategies accordingly.

I gave my reasons: namely, that she is devastatingly cunning and whose wily instincts befuddled, I must presume, greater men than our current bunch of boneless politicians.

I was proven right in my assessment as on the same night, during her encounter on ITV with six other leaders who are contesting the forthcoming general election, she literally reigned supreme and emerged the winner of the debate, displaying a cool and precise capacity to rise to the challenge and demolish her adversaries with ease to a stunned audience.

On Saturday 4th April, the Daily Mail headline called her ‘The Most Dangerous Woman in Britain’ as crowds hailed her ‘Queen of Scots’ after her TV triumph when she told Ed Miliband ‘we’ll call the shots now’. And by golly, she wasn’t kidding.

The rest of the weekend, the papers followed suit by acknowledging her to be the most formidable politician to come to the fore and cause havoc in the camps of others. In this context, I would like to reiterate the closing paragraphs of my blog of 1st April, which were specific and to the point:

The Conservative strategy should now address this looming problem with all the might at its disposal and alert the British public to the dangers that Scotland under a Labour coalition with the SNP will mean, namely that the focus of power will move north of the border and a reverse takeover will ensue. The Scottish Referendum, although failing to break up Britain, will miraculously give the Scots the upper hand to rule Britannia as their ultimate prize. What a calamitous situation that would be!

One response to “The Sensational Rise of Nicola Sturgeon


    There’s nothing to fear from Nicola. Few Brits will vote for a mad Aussie and not many for a charming but mad Nigel Farage. Conservatives will win a near landslide on 350 seats in my opinion as Labour under Red Ed are un-electible. Do you want to take part in our family sweepstake? £5 to me at Nethergrove House DT3 4ES with the number of Conservative seats, plus £1 optional extra for the Lib Dem seats and £1 for the UKIP seats.
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