The Look that Beguiles

Rita Ora, the British singer, songwriter and actress, has become one of my favourite all-round entertainers whose latest challenge as a judge on The Voice, the BBC’s latest hit television programme,  has won her hoards of new fans to complement her existing legion of followers.

Born on 26th November 1990 in Kosovo, her debut studio album, Ora, released in 2012, was number one in the UK. It contained the number-one singles ‘Rip’ and ‘How We Do Party’.

Since then she never looked back with multiple successes that kept her in the forefront of a very competitive industry.

She seems unstoppable with an ambition that knows no boundaries.

Her personality, bubbling with enthusiasm, is infectious. She looks human, sexy, emotionally driven and has no qualms of being playful and slightly outrageous when opportunities demand it.

The secret of her appeal is that despite her outré comportment she remains simpatico and vulgar-free.

Her popularity has soared to a new generation of television viewers who have found her a bundle of fun and compulsively watchable. She has a charismatic presence easy to the eye and serenely reassuring.

I must admit that she has managed to seduce me in no time at all. Just look at her revealing dress at this year’s Oscars, and tell me that you will be able to resist her.

I know you would be lying if you were to pretend otherwise.

Women of her ilk are a necessity today, for they bring us joys we no longer experience in a world occupied by greed and deception.

Her latest outfit is a tonic for sore eyes…

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