The Conservatives in the Danger Zone

Labour are poised to win the general election, according to the latest polls which put them ahead of the Conservatives by four per cent.

David Cameron may still regret his decision to debate with Jeremy Paxman, who mauled him and left him gasping for breath. Ed Miliband would have been an easier target for Cameron, although the former fared a great deal better when Paxman tried the same brutal tactics on him.

The PM is a good debater but lacks the killer instinct and more often than not falls foul of his unbridled tongue. His political gaffes have become a danger zone for his own party, which should use their influence to divert him from unnecessary off-the-cuff pronouncements that have the recurring habit of landing him in real trouble with the electorate.

I believe his worst enemies are not the Labour faithful but the Scottish pair, whose SNP followers will catapult them into a position to dictate who goes to 10 Downing Street.

Alex Salmond is still reeling from his defeat to liberate Scotland from the clutches of Great Britain and is perhaps the most formidable enemy David Cameron has, determined to turn defeat into a triumph by working from within the British Parliament and causing as much havoc as possible.

However, Nicola Sturgeon, the SNP leader, is not to be overlooked. She is devastatingly cunning and can be best described as a modern Cleopatra, whose wily instinct befuddled greater men than our current boneless politicians.

The Conservative strategy should now address this looming problem with all the might at its disposal and alert the British public to the dangers that Scotland under a Labour coalition with the SNP will mean, namely that the focus of power will move north of the border and a reverse takeover will ensue. The Scottish Referendum, although failing to break up Britain, will miraculously give the Scots the upper hand to rule Britannia as their ultimate prize.

What a calamitous situation that would be!

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