Femininity Triumphs

It’s strange how advertising has become more innovative in its search for elements which propels sexuality into every possible sphere in order to boost sales of a product.

Taboos are things of the past and feminism has degenerated into the political arena where femininity has become the target of the strident, uninspiring women whose objective is to spread discord between the sexes.

But I’m glad to say that Heidi Klum, now turned fashion designer, has unleashed three of her stunning models to parade outside Buckingham Palace wearing her latest lingerie products from her new collection – which had a mouth-watering reception from the usual crowd of visitors to London.

Though the former supermodel denied being behind the stunt, the trio brought joy and unexpected diversion to a crowd who witnessed these young models clad in as little as possible, barely covering their magical bits with a hint that what’s hidden is worth exploring.

German-born Ms Klum, forty-one, took over the collection from her former catwalk rival Elle Macpherson last year and relaunched it under her own name in New York recently.

She said she had kept most of the classic styles from the past twenty-five years and put her own twist on them.

What a bold coup this stunt managed to create in a competitive market full of newly emerging talent, but possibly lacking her German determination and flair to entertain with the femininity that she knows will captivate the milling crowds outside the Palace.

Getting her knickers in a twist after such a brilliant display of her wares, irrespective of who organised it, is the limit of folly. However, her picture above does tell a different story.

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