Cameron on a Tightrope

David Cameron has boobed at a time when the Tories are gaining ground against Labour.

His latest gaffe is to say that if he’s returned at the head of a Tory government he will not serve a third term.

The cynics will label him arrogant, whereas his followers will accuse him of flippancy, for instead of demonstrating to the public a puissant determination to win, he is speculating about his possible successor.

I’m afraid his unbridled tongue has endangered his chances once again at a crucial stage when the fate of this tightly-fought election is in the balance.

His advisers must rein in his loose-cannon tendencies, for the stakes are much higher now and more complex than they have ever been.

This general election will decide whether Britain will remain a major power, or lose its credibility in the league of nations.

Labour are dogmatised in a way that can only spell disaster to the future standing of Britain economically and will rob us of a vital opportunity while they continue to fantasise about political correctness and equality in a world where competitive incentives are the way forward and idleness, the scourge of our century, is their avowed preoccupation.

We must wake up to this nightmarish possibility and do something concrete about it. The Conservatives are a lesser risk, although they have to marshal their policies in a more equitable form and stop bleeding the middle classes and serenading the rich. They will then earn the voters’ confidence and return the political arena to its rightful place in society.

We can only hope that this is possible as resentment of the political establishment has never been higher.

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