An Unconventional Therapy

Karen Danczuk, the MP’s wife, seems on the face of it to be a very strange woman who is seeking publicity in a case where she’s accusing her own brother of abusing her as a child.

She’s constantly in the news with sexy selfies, claiming her obsession with the unconventional reaction is a form of therapy to help her get over her painful ordeal.

In the meantime, her brother and the rest of her family have strenuously denied the accusation while the police are in the midst of conducting their own investigation as to the substance and validity of her claim.

The truth will no doubt surface in time, but Karen is certainly not doing her self a favour by posting salacious selfies – this time from Costa Blanca, where she is currently on holiday.

Folks who are not familiar with such unusual therapies are unlikely to give her the sympathy she is no doubt seeking. Or is she perhaps in need of psychiatric counsel, to stop her engaging in risqué behaviour which is demeaning if nothing else.

I strongly suggest that she gives her smartphone a rest, and stops her unworthy shenanigans before she does her credibility serious harm.

We live in an age where the majority of similar accusations deserves, for the sake of justice, to be taken with a guarded measure of caution lest the innocent suffer with a surge of what could possibly become a hysterical and unbridled headhunt with no real tangibility.

An addiction to selfies, especially of this particular kind, spells danger in the long term and can cause self-inflicted impairment.

For wisdom now demands a period of calm, rather than indiscretion, and less of an exposure of our most physical attributes.

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