The Déshabillé Parade

I can’t remember the last time I used the London Underground.

The reason being, that in my old age I have become rather claustrophobic with regard to crowds whose intensity of numbers I find unbearable.

Have I, however, in my paranoia missed something that would have possibly cured me of crowd detestation by giving up my habit of using this quick mode of transportation – given the irritating traffic jams that London is experiencing these days with the closures of many a thoroughfare for the vast building projects that are now taking place in our great metropolis?

Reading my Evening Standard recently, I came across an item that grabbed my attention.

Tube passengers at Tottenham Court Road station, used by many of our Quartet staff, found themselves in a middle of a risqué fashion parade on the Northern line. Lingerie models were showcasing a new range from Bluebella, the creators of ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ underwear collection.

Charlotte Moore, one of the models featured in our pictures, said: ‘It was probably one of the most nerve-wracking catwalk shows I’ve ever done, but it was very exciting and created a real buzz.’

Emily Bendell, founder of Chiswick-based Bluebella, said: ‘We thought it would cheer up a few commuters on their way to work.’

What words of wisdom she uttered. Commuters need jollying up at the moment, when the world around them is grim with scandals and political platitudes.

I might even change my mind and become a regular commuter on the Tube, if similar shows were to become the new advertising medium.

What fun to be had then! Instead of being the miserable traveller, shoved, squeezed and pummelled without the whiff of a pleasant distraction to alleviate your discomfort, you become a glutton for punishment – but of the pleasurable kind.

2 responses to “The Déshabillé Parade

  1. Old man Steptoe rides again.


  2. Mazen Salha

    Naim you bring a whiff of nourishment to our soul with these incredible stories….Is Charlotte the one on the left ?