Climate Change Lobbyists Losing Ground

Professor Michael Kelly, writing in the Mail on Sunday last week, caused a bombshell by admitting that his own Royal Society is wrong on climate change.

He states that ‘five years ago I was one of forty-three fellow of the Royal Society – the first and arguably still the most prestigious scientific organisation in the world – who wrote to our then president about its approach to climate change. We warned that the Society was in danger of violating its founding principles, summed up in its famous motto nullius in verba – or, don’t take another’s word for it; check it out for yourselves. The implication was clear: the Society seemed to be saying there was no longer room for meaningful debate about the claim that the world is warming dangerously because of human activity, because the science behind this was settled. We hoped we would persuade the Society to rethink this position’.

But obviously they haven’t, for he ends his long article by saying that ‘those who fail to provide balance are not giving advice but lobbying. It is with the deepest regret that I must now state that this is the role which has been adopted by the Royal Society.

And when the scientists abandon neutral inquiry for lobbying, they jeopardise their purpose and integrity’.

Quartet was the first to publish two important books on climate change, which by and large have infuriated those prophets of doom who follow the official stance of most governments who refuse to listen to the other side of the equation.

If you missed reading them at the time, they are still available. You will then realise that things are not what they appear.

Be your own judge and forget about the hokum dished out by institutions who must have their own agenda no matter what.


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