On the Brink

For the world to misjudge Putin is a grave error.

He has proved himself until now to be a political juggler of the first order, while the Western alliance’s response was predictable, based on threats as usual which they know would not solve the present impasse.

Let’s not forget that both Europe and the United States have encouraged the Ukraine to join NATO and, by so doing, stoked the flames of the present conflict.

It was a stupid policy gaffe that has cost the Ukraine very dearly in economic terms as well as in loss of life. To deliberately create a neighbouring strife between two countries that seemed at peace with each other is, to my mind, tantamount to a criminal act which all men of goodwill must acknowledge.

What politicians often do is incomprehensible to the multitude of peace-loving people who are always led to believe that their political masters know best. But this is a fallacy that we must learn to reject. Every intervention by the West in other people’s affairs has proved calamitous and inflicted more misery and loss of life than one would have imagined.

Our plate is already full with atrocities on a global scale, all because of the short-sightedness of those we elect to protect us and manage our affairs in a sympathetic and humanitarian fashion – which contrary to our wishes they often abuse. We perpetuate violence and torture in secret and we are quick to deny the mere notion of its existence. We are ashamed that these are done in our name and without our knowledge, and yet we do nothing about it.

There must come a time when those responsible are brought to justice, but would that ever happen? I doubt it, for hypocrisy and double standards are endemic in those who seek power today – irrespective of what sort of democracy they stand for.

Our message must be loud and clear. Don’t demonise Putin simply because he outwitted those who want to cut him down to size. Accommodation within limits is the best guardian for peace.

Practise it and stop this belligerence that could lead to the eventual annihilation of mankind.

2 responses to “On the Brink

  1. Mazen Salha

    Policy gaffs as a result of Arrogance are the worst kind.


  2. Oh I see – just as the West is responsible for ISIS through our foreign policy so we also responsible for Putin. Wouldn’t have anything to do with him being a violent ex-KGB thug who murders his political opponents.