Miranda Kerr: A New Challenge in Lingerie

Miranda Kerr, the thirty-one-year-old Australian beauty who seems to blossom out as vintage wine where flavour is enhanced with the passage of time, keeps showing her deliciously toned assets to allure and drive men to an uncontrollable surge of ecstasy.

She has now stripped off for Wonderbra with a new challenge after leaving their rival Victoria’s Secret to demonstrate to her legion of fans that competition is what she likes best.

The mother of one is now at the zenith of her glorious ascendancy to the top spot of being one of the highest-paid models in the world, when her earnings for last year exceeded £4.5 million.

This is no mean figure for a model who has enjoyed for many years her rise as a celebrity of unquenchable proportions, whose glamorous personality infuses continuity and charm in a flawless and distinguished career.

Judging by these images Miranda knows how to keep her body in excellent shape in order to remain the ultimate object of desire for not only men but women also.

Who could blame anyone for fantasising about a woman with such gems that to conceal them from view would be tantamount to an act of pure narcissism.

2 responses to “Miranda Kerr: A New Challenge in Lingerie

  1. For some reason I hear the younger Steptoe’s voice in my head – “You dirty old man”.


  2. Mazen Salha

    It would be a crime to conceal such gems and rob our eyes from the ability to fantasize. In reality nothing else remains for our pleasure. Thank you Naim.