Arrogance is Not the Way

David Cameron will do himself a bad turn if he were to chicken out from facing Ed Miliband during the course of the forthcoming election debates.

If he carries on with his strategy of alienating the broadcasters under any guise, he will certainly lose the election and hand over the country to a Labour government determined to soak the rich, penalise the middle classes and make Britain the laughing stock of the world.

Having voted Labour all my life, I honestly believe that their policies are reminiscent of a period when dogma of the kind they propagate today became neither practical nor acceptable. If you rob people of the initiative to compete and better themselves, you destroy every vestige which propels human beings into achieving their ambitions and, in so doing, destroy benefits to the whole nation in the process.

The Tory party, despite any misgivings we may have, are the only available alternative. We can criticise them for many of their platitudes, but on the whole they have managed to contain the recession at a price we seem to afford. In an ideal world they could have done better, but the global economy is in dire shape and we are lucky to be doing reasonably well.

However, I wish the Conservatives will learn to be less arrogant and sometimes listen to wiser counsel. David Cameron in particular should keep a tight control of his tongue and stop muttering threats, whenever diplomacy is the more effective tool to diffuse a dangerous situation. He should talk less and act more effectively, otherwise his credibility will evaporate. He must rethink his strategy of playing hard to get and go into battle to save the country from the advent of a Labour government.

In the process, he should use every means at his disposal and not be finicky where and when he appears in order to win the forthcoming general election in May.

If he loses it, his days in politics will be numbered and he can blame nobody but himself.

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