Thought for the Day

I spent last weekend in total agony.

My back somehow let me down terribly. I could hardly move without experiencing a sharp pain that made life unbearably disjointed due to the discomfort of feeling like an old cripple whose body refuses to function as it is meant to do.

An awakening followed…

Is old age as disruptive as it appears to be, or is it a fact of life we tend to ignore? The flexibility of our joints no longer seems able to cope with a body ravaged by time, through a natural progression that begins at birth and climaxes with our eventual death.

But old age is also resourceful.

We fight the elements and spurn the ageing process by our determination to survive the odds lined up against us by keeping our spirits high and our resolve unassailable.

It is then that our inner strength begins to work and somehow miracles appear on the horizon. We feel a strong uplift and dispel the notion that old age is always a negative commodity and that there is no point in resisting its overpowering durability.

Thinking positively was my best medicine. Two days later I woke up refreshed.

The storm had passed and I am my old self again, vibrant and raring to go.

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