Brian Sewell in a New Light

Just a teaser to alert my good friends who habitually read my blog that a new book by Brian Sewell, targeting adults and children of a certain age, will be published by Quartet Books in early March.

There will be a lot of media coverage and we expect the book to appeal to a large majority of the public, who know and admire the author for both his literary skills and his undeniable mastery of the written word.

It will be his first work of fiction – at the age of eighty-three – and will certainly garner a great deal of unprecedented interest and, hopefully, a new league of followers will emerge to discover that Brian is not only the best art critic we have, but also an intellectual giant who never ceases to surprise us with his bag of talents.

So be ready to order your copy before the rush begins, and be among the first to enjoy a moving story that brings tears to your eyes but also leaves the reader in a joyful mood that will linger in his or her memory for many years to come.

Beautifully illustrated by Sally Ann Lasson, the famous cartoonist, who has magically added a visual enchantment to Brian’s narrative  -turning the book into a gem hard to resist. At £9.99 it’s a giveaway to treasure.

2 responses to “Brian Sewell in a New Light

  1. Many thanks for that advice. I’ve always admired the man and I’m looking forward to reading his words. I’ve just pre ordered my copy.


  2. Conrad Jones

    Same here, and he is also writing a book on Rolls Royce and an essay on Michelangelo, according to newspaper reports