Where We Stand Today

Having lived in this country since the age of eighteen and assimilated into the very depths of the Establishment, I have seldom encountered a period where politics have sunk so low and a form of thuggery has infiltrated many of the things we once held in great reverence.

All we have to do today is open our newspapers and be horrified by what we read.

Paedophiles galore in every strata of society, politicians fiddling their expenses, tycoons accused of tax evasion, banks ripping off their customers, financial institutions a cover up for unlawful transactions, and money laundering on a grand scale.

As if that’s not enough, the margin between rich and poor has reached unacceptable levels and shows no sign of retreating. The middle classes have become the nouveau pauvres, and are feeling the brunt of an unfair imposition on their earnings, while the very rich continue to enjoy untold advantages since their assets keep multiplying on a yearly basis – even in an age where economic conditions have led to a bout of austerity measures that have a devastating effect on those with limited income.

To make matters more sordid, politicians from every party are now engaged in a battle of meaningless words, accusing each other of corruption, while each is collecting donations from dodgy individuals to enable them to carry out their election vitriolic to secure power at the next general election in May.

It is hard to believe what’s going on, given the widespread unveiling of scandalous shortcomings that seem to emerge as the heat of debate gathers pace.

Labour, in my view, are now a party where socialist dogma of the kind they preach makes them a disastrous choice, while the Conservatives, despite their many inadequacies, are the lesser of two evils.

However, I wish they’d forsake their lightweight utterings which, on occasion, make them look rather foolish and incredibly pedestrian.

I sincerely hope that the next administration devote themselves to serving the nation as a whole and bring back the dignity of politics to where it should be.

Until that happens, we remain a divided society with falling standards and an infectious disdain for politics.

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