Thought for the Day

Have you ever wondered why women who have attained the zenith of their profession seem to want to show every curve of their body and every hidden bit to titillate their fans when they need no longer indulge in the very game that propelled them to stardom at the outset of their careers?

People will tell you that potency of sex is a never-dying trend for without it women feel that their main armoury, so to speak, is left unused to dwindle into an ineffective tool which concealment they believe engenders.

Perhaps they are right. Flaunting their private parts gives them a measure of confidence and a powerful incentive to seduce both genders and feel a superiority that nourishes their ego.

Why else would they do it?

Women today send pictures of themselves in total nudity over the internet, which they claim are destined to their lovers and complain when they are either misrouted or fall into the wrong hands. Hypocrisy in matters of sex has become a bare-cheeked attitude that to succumb to its wiles is farcical.

There is nothing wrong in wishing to enhance the sexual desires of others if you so wish. But to pretend a prissy, puritanical comportment is much too ridiculous to entertain.

I love women who have the courage to do what they want and stand firm in their conviction that they are God’s favoured creatures to be worshipped for the propagation of the human race and for their nurturing qualities, which are uniquely enriching.

For that alone they need all the tolerance that society can heap upon them.

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