A Book to Read More than Once

doctorsI urge everyone in the UK to read Doctors Dissected by Jane Haynes and Martin Scurr.

It is a book that unveils the relationship between doctors and their patients as never before.

It also reveals the plight of doctors themselves in trying to do the best for their patients, sometimes against impossible odds due to the haphazard medical system administered often by people who know very little about the job – and the ailments from which the NHS itself is suffering.

Consecutive governments have in the past failed to remedy the situation but are nevertheless quick to blame other parties for the debacle that seems to persist, in order to gain political favour with the electorate.

On the other hand, GPs find themselves struggling to maintain an acceptable standard to keep the health of the nation in a good state – and to provide the service expected of them.

Doctors Dissected is a book that informs, educates, and gives the reader an insight into the vulnerability of the human condition. It does not shy away from the truth however much this carries with it – the painful realities of a system dogged by ineptitudes that mar the very concept of the basic principles of health care.

But equally important the book is an honest exposé of the delicate and sometimes difficult relationship between doctors and their patients.

Doctors Dissected can be considered a compendium of essential knowledge about the medical profession, the vocation of people that practise it, and the foibles that sometimes occur as a result of the enormity of the undertaking.

I humbly suggest you read the book and make your own judgement, for your individual assessment is the one that really counts.

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