Thought for the Day

Why is it that Labour invariably shoot themselves in the foot by policies which have a lunatic fringe to them and which will no doubt lose them the prospect of becoming the next government?

It is their pursuit of vindictive ideology that will in reality hit the middle classes, particularly those who live in London, and compel them to leave their homes as they would never be able to afford to pay the mansion tax that Labour want to impose.

The result of all this will be the forced mass migration of true Londoners who have lived there all their lives and have then to seek new homes elsewhere, even to the extent perhaps of leaving the country altogether.

And London will become the enclave of rich foreign investors and will cease to be the effective abode of true Brits who take pride in their great metropolis.

What a national disgrace that would be.

But Labour have become the champion of those who live on social benefit instead of encouraging them to work their butts off like the rest of us.

And can you for a moment imagine Harriet Harman as the deputy prime minister spending her time rabbiting about the boring subject of her own peculiar brand of feminism? She should realise by now it is no longer an issue since women’s rights have in many ways exceeded those of men and hard working women are today in the forefront of our society, where their influence has mushroomed beyond anybody’s expectations.

But Labour have proved time and again to be their own worst enemy. Their latest foray into the imposition of mansion tax will be their undoing.

Even Lord Mandelson, the Labour grandee, has warned Ed Miliband that the tax is crude and would end up ‘clobbering people’.

Unless Labour abandons this poisonous levy their chances of winning the forthcoming election is slim, and rightly so.

The Tories must be laughing in their pants, for they believe that they can now sit tight and let Labour lose the election as opposed to their winning it.

‘Goodbye Ed’, the new number-one song expected to hit the charts in no time at all – so be prepared for a giggle or two.

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