Has the Sun Lost its Head?

The decision of the Sun newspaper to discontinue its Page 3 semi-clad babes is hardly the triumph the feminist lobby claim to have achieved.

Harriet Harman, the staunch killjoy politician whose numerous campaigns to rob women of their femininity is cock-a-hoop that the Sun has joined the ranks of castrated press tools whose fear of a bunch of strident disenchanted women has led them to scrap Page 3, without which its circulation will certainly take a dive.

Why else would anyone buy the Sun newspaper? Is it perhaps for their high standard of reporting, or for their command of the English language where students would benefit from reading its pages?

Page 3, when you analyse its contents, is rather tame by the standards of today when you see celebrities and the young generation often semi-naked and displaying debauchery in public places where no one bats an eyelid let alone shows concern about their behaviour on the grounds that this is what we call sexual liberation.

The hypocrisy of it all makes nonsense of this double standard we seem to adopt in order to throttle a free press by a group of people vengeful, no doubt, and unable to enjoy life by letting their true emotions surface instead of their self-imposed frustration likely to turn them into zombies.

For heaven’s sake, our best asset is surely our sense of humour – which is the envy of the world. Let us not lose it to please a minority determined to orchestrate our lives to suit their miserable goal.

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