An Invisible Pregnancy

You rarely see a three-month-pregnant woman looking in immaculate body form especially if she’s photographed in eye-catching swimwear that, in her case, enhances a perfectly lanky figure to conceal a bump as if it never existed.

Abbey Clancy, the twenty-nine-year-old lingerie model and winner of Strictly Come Dancing in 2013, was holidaying in Dubai with her husband Peter Crouch, thirty-three, the Stoke City striker, and daughter, Sophia Ruby, three – and announced last month that they were expecting another child.

Looking at these pictures, which Abbey posted on Instagram taken on a Dubai beach, must make her husband the target of envy of carnally driven young men as well as old roués, who fancy their chances with this flaming honeypot of pure lust.

Women never cease to fascinate us in every possible direction and the more you see of them the deeper the mystery, despite unveiling their tantalising bits that rock our senses and make us uncontrollably weak at the knees – in a fit of sensuality that pours out to blur our vision from anything else.

For those who remain unstirred physically by these beautiful creatures must miss so much potent pleasure without realising it that my heart bleeds for them. Women, to me, are the very essence of our existence, the jewels of this earth without which we are left wandering in a wilderness, arid and meaningless, bereft of the eternal joy we seek.

Take my advice and seek them wherever you can, for there is no tonic in existence that will give you the same surge of passion that will lengthen your life and keep your body and soul content – in complete harmony to the very end of your worldly tenure.

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