A Man with a Mission

New PictureGeorge Zakhem celebrated his eightieth birthday last Saturday.

He has now joined the league of remarkable men who have survived the vicissitudes of time through hard work and a diligence that’s a lesson to us all.

He remains on the ball, still raring to go, and believes he has a lot to achieve yet, horizons to reach, and a capacity to embark on new challenges.

His mind, as agile as it was during his formative years, he looks the picture of a man destined to break fresh grounds and to show the new generation of aspiring young men how to forge ahead and succeed in their chosen fields – for he has experienced many a scintillating adventure, has fought against the odds to expand his contracting enterprise, starting at rock bottom and emerging as a conglomerate of international repute.

Those who know him well will testify as to his flair of pinpointing opportunities and discovering prospects where others fail to see.

As his friend I find him to be a most loyal person, full of verve for life and a good and honourable companion to have.

We oldies are not to be written off easily. We remain steadfast in our determination to learn and enjoy our life to the full, and teach the youngsters of today a trick or two – which I am sure will persuade them to evaluate the wisdom that our advanced years have taught us.

George, you are a star whose brightness will dispel darkness and never fade away – so keep batting with your renowned vigour, for your loss from the entrepreneurial scene will be hard to fill.

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