Is Cumin the Elixir We’re Looking For?

Don’t buy us Hermès handbags, we’d rather be drowned in yoghurt mixed with cumin!

I always believed that yoghurt has extraordinary health qualities ranging from a relief for an upset stomach to a nutritious diet that keeps the body in good condition.

However, there seems to be more benefits to be derived if a spoonful of cumin powder is added to your daily intake of this pleasant food regulator. For the latest study shows that not only does it improve your health, but it also helps speed up weight loss.

Dieters who ate the common spice with yoghurt lost significantly more weight than those who consumed the yoghurt on its own.

They also showed a quarter reduction in the size of their waists and body mass index (BMI), lower levels of body fat and improvements in their cholesterol levels.

For the study, eighty-eight overweight or obese women were randomly assigned into two groups and given a diet plan which reduced their calorie intake.

The experimental group was also asked to eat a little less than a teaspoon of cumin powder mixed with yoghurt twice a day for a period of three months. The same amount of yoghurt, but without the cumin, was given to a controlled group to eat – and, while both groups lost weight, the cumin group lost significantly more, the researchers at the Shahid Sadoughi University of Medical Sciences in Iran found.

Those who ate the cumin lost an average of 13.7 pounds, which was a 7.92% reduction in the average body weight. Those in the controlled group lost an average of 9.2 pounds, a 5.54% reduction.

The group eating cumin also saw a reduction in their BMI, waist circumferences, fat mass and levels of ‘bad’ cholesterol – which increases the risk of a heart attack.

Writing in the journal Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice, the researchers said: ‘In this study, adding cumin reduced weight, BMI and waist circumference and improved body composition.’

Although I have never suffered from obesity, and being a man rather than a woman, I still believe that to keep one’s health in good nick it is more than desirable to maintain a good body shape and look reasonably fit.

And since I have not found any worthy New Year’s resolution to adopt, I will certainly make cumin my priority and add it to my daily intake of the magical yoghurt. Then I can brag of having found at random something I could adopt as a resolution for 2015.

One response to “Is Cumin the Elixir We’re Looking For?

  1. Mazen Salha

    Hi Naim
    I must add that men should consume cumin in very small quantity as it will effect libido.