The Indestructible Madonna

Madonna, like her name infers, is a heavenly host to many and an outrageous show off to others.

Her latest frolic is to show the world how to grow old disgracefully as she poses topless at the age of fifty-six.

She stripped off provocatively for a fashion magazine shoot to publicise her latest music comeback.

She’s not alien to nudity, as she first exposed her beautiful hidden parts while still a student. She was apparently paid £6 an hour to reveal all for an art class.

Pictures of her posing nude were auctioned last year to her appreciative fans who can’t get enough of her magical form, which has not dimmed through the years.

In 1991, wearing an eye-popping dress to the Oscars inspired the Sun newspaper to speculate whether she had a secret boob job – with the headline: ‘Madonna with the Big Boobies.’

A year later she released the book Sex, featuring a series of explicit pictures of herself.

In 1992, modelling an eighties-style powersuit at a Jean-Paul Gaultier fashion show, she again went topless.

The lady is never short of surprises.

In her movie Body of Evidence, released in 1993, it was remembered mostly for its nudity and an over-the-top scene in which she pours hot wax over the genitals of her male co-star.

Two years ago she caused a sensation when she flashed a nipple during a concert in Istanbul, of all places, while singing her hit ‘Human Nature’.

Madonna is certainly fearless and a magnet for controversy. She might have grown in both age and stature but still remains a perilous dish to savour. But nevertheless, in the view of many, worth the risk.

Her boobies are still sexually enticing, particularly for those who clamour for raw and ravaging congress.

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