My Woman of the Year

I have been thinking long and hard of all the women I know who will in my view merit the title of the woman who showed extraordinary talent in 2014 in her chosen profession.

I came to the simple conclusion that it must be the delectable Camilla Long, who has without parallel demonstrated her diversity in the journalistic field by taking head-on every commission assigned to her and bringing to it a flavour of her own – a mixture of boldness enhanced by a cheekiness which I found joyfully uplifting.

There is no subject that escapes her roving eye, or her attention in general – whether it be political, cultural or fashion-inspired – and as a consequence she has also mastered the taboo subject of taking the mickey out of ladies whose obsessive fanny-coiffure occupies a great deal of their time.

Bashfulness is not part of her style and that in itself puts her writing in a class of its own.

Fearless yet loveable, I will certainly choose to be marooned on a desert island with her – for I am sure we would have a great deal of fun.

Her humour is light-hearted and her New Year’s resolution to impose more nudity on her own body (excellent news) is a fine measure of a woman whose destiny is more iconic than most of her ilk.

One response to “My Woman of the Year

  1. Mazen Salha

    Dear Naim,
    I fully concur with your choice. She is undoubtedly one hell of a delectable woman, although i couldn’t be as courageous as you in wishing to be marooned with her on an island. I don’t think i would last long….