Delving into the Past

The beautiful Julia Lemigova and her girlfriend, the tennis supremo Martina Navratilova, tied the knot recently in New York in a love match that dazzled their closely-knit circle of friends, who wished them well and a longevity of heavenly bliss.

For both had to cope with tragic events in their own life that seemed to blight their ordered existence and yet managed to recover and find each other in a relationship of rare closeness that reflects a true unsullied love and commitment.

Julia and I, under a genuine platinum umbrella, in 1991

Julia and I, under a genuine platinum umbrella, in 1991

I first met Julia in London after she was crowned Miss USSR in 1990. As CEO of Asprey, Garrard and Mappin & Webb at the time, I asked her to model a twenty-four carat gold dress in conjunction with the World Gold Council during a promotion Mappin & Webb undertook jointly. She readily accepted.

Julia looked stunningly attractive and we became friends ever since.

Then she left to live in Paris, and apart from seeing her briefly on two occasions when I accidentally bumped into her in Avenue Montaigne, we lost contact until two years ago when a reunion took place in my office in London during the Wimbledon tennis tournament.

I never met Martina but what I have heard from Julia was enough to convince me that she’s a very nice person whose loyalty and love are beyond any doubt.

For those who haven’t seen Julia in all her glory, here she is in the gold dress which she wore in 1991.

Martina is very lucky indeed to have bagged such a gorgeous and intelligent creature. She will be the envy of all who have the good fortune of knowing Julia, even if fleetingly.

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