Thought for the Day

You wake up in the morning looking forward to the day ahead, in the knowledge that something good will come out of it.

Sometimes it does, and you feel invigorated and come home from the office to enjoy a relaxed evening away from the pressures of business competitiveness that takes its toll on your nervous system.

But other times everything conceivable tends to go askew. No reason why it should, but it does.

I normally can cope with all the drawbacks that inflict an ordered existence, but find it much more difficult to deal with emotional disappointments that crop up unexpectedly from people whose closeness you would hardly expect it from.

Closeness creates a vision that’s perhaps inflated or misleading and thus makes you vulnerable as your defences are no longer in place.

You trust them implicitly, you share with them your most inner thoughts – always on the assumption that your relationship is strong and permanent.

Your friendship becomes a bond that the vicissitudes of time – no matter why, no matter how – will repel the intrusion that might wreck the validity or worthiness of that relationship.

But then the whole situation turns out not to be the case.

Your dreams are shattered beyond repair and the hurt disrupts the tranquillity that was once your most reliable armour.

And then, you begin to wonder why it is that the people you nurture, you are fond of, and you tend to spoil, are often the ones likely to let you down and cause you chagrin in the process.

Is it perhaps that inwardly we are built to resent the donors of kindness and the power they have over us, although we are willing to take what they offer and then wait for our opportunity to take revenge?

Human nature is full of ambiguities. We try to understand it but the complexities of its make-up is much too varied and unfathomable to get to grips with its hidden agenda.

Those of us who can put sentiment aside are the ones who suffer the least.

However, they are I guess not interesting enough and can hardly ever be considered as soulmates.

They are hardened human beings unlikely to enter the gates of Heaven.

But would they fit in there anyway? The band of angels will see to it that their loitering outside the gates will eventually drive them to rockier environments.

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