The Aftermath of the Sexual Revolution

The Hollywood fanny hairdressers who have been prospering for the last decade might find themselves out of business soon if the present trend of bottom exposures catches on, after the notorious Kim Kardashian’s photo shoot by Jean-Paul Goude caused more than a ripple of stunned outrage worldwide.

Could the bottom become the preferred object of desire rather than the fanny, which has for so long been the focus of sexual attention and pampered beyond anybody’s imagination by the rich and famous – whose excesses know no boundaries.

I’m afraid the elevation of the bottom since Pippa Middleton displayed its contour to best advantage at the wedding of her sister has got its limitations and can only be effective when cleverly clothed and manipulated to give it the desired impact.

But a bare bottom is different. Over-sized or pert, it must have a form of exquisite beauty or an unusually pronounced shape – as in the case of Kardashian – to thrill, shock and better still to ooze the kind of animal sexuality that men dream about.

The fanny has more scope as its inner depths holds many a secret, which to unravel is an adventure of its own. Its shape variation and its surrounding pubic hair gives the specialist hairdresser the opportunity to demonstrate his skill in turning it into an enhanced object of desire – yet, retaining the secrecy that shrouds its mysterious inner enclave.

My view is that the emergence of the bottom as a competitor to the fanny is short-lived, although it has its many followers and cannot be underestimated given the sexual revolution that has propelled it to heights hitherto unknown.

Chacun à son goût, as the French say, but for me a fanny where life begins is supremacy unparalleled.

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