The Irrepressible Jean-Paul Goude

Kim Kardashian West reveals her bare arse to maximum effect.

Her followers on the internet exceed perhaps more than those of Beyoncé or stars of that calibre, yet her rise to fame is mostly through her ability to hog the limelight in every way possible.

She uses her hidden bits in a form that enrages her competitors and exposes them with an audacity rarely encountered by celebrities who play at the same game.

She is without doubt the queen of strippers who has perfected the role of unearthing the gems of her nakedness.

And now, photographed for Paper magazine in New York by Jean-Paul Goude, once described most aptly by Esquire as ‘the French correction’, Goude performs his art to bring nature in closer conformity to his fantasies, which can be outrageously expressed and sexually threatening.

I first met Jean-Paul Goude in 1982 when Quartet published his notorious book Jungle Fever, with a naked Grace Jones in a steel cage roaring like a tigress with the caption: ‘DO NOT FEED THE ANIMAL.’

The book caused uproar as the feminists went on the warpath and were in a tizzy state of mind that gave the book the commercial edge that publishers dream about.

Goude’s work has always pushed the limits of an artist who uses the best means available to get a point across. In that respect Kim Kardashian has found the perfect photographer to enhance her fantasies as well as his own.

Jean-Paul Goude I’m glad to say has lost none of his sharpness, nor his ultimate goal to shock – especially when he meets the boldness and chutzpah of his quarries.

The pictures of Grace Jones and Kim Kardashian remind us that he’s still on top of his craft and buoyancy, which seem to survive the vicissitudes of time.

As for Kim, the road she has chosen remains a perilous one and like a rose has a prickly stem.

2 responses to “The Irrepressible Jean-Paul Goude

  1. I remember his wonderful illustrations in the original Nova magazine in the late 60’s and 70’s. The Grace Jones image that sticks in my mind was the sticking plaster stuck on her mind. I equally find it hard to find anything memorable about Kardashians.


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