Porkies and their Consequences

Why do people detest politicians? The answer is because they don’t tell the truth.

The latest example is George Osborne who with a smug face had the audacity to tell us on television that he scored a big victory by persuading his EU counterparts to reduce the £1.7 billion owed by Britain to half that amount.

That was a real porkie that shows the disdain with which our political masters treat the public, whose support has put them where they are in the first place.

What happened in reality was that he was given some flexibility to delay payment, and to take into account the rebate due to Britain next year through an offset procedure. No reduction of the debt was agreed, and his statement which inferred the contrary made him look a fool in the eyes of those who were present.

The PM was drawn into the controversy by claiming a great victory for the Chancellor which, he must have realised, was a sham.

I have always believed the rhetoric of defiance is demeaning if ultimately you have to eat your words. When the claim of £1.7 billion hit the headlines the PM categorically said the government would refuse to pay it, insisting that nothing would compel him to change his mind.

Well, we have become used to the political humbug, for words unlike deeds seem to have the wrong resonance of unsettling the mind in lieu of giving it comfort in times of crisis.

We are told many things we know are not up to scratch, but out of sheer hopelessness we drift along in order not to clutter an already confused intellect for fear of clogging its arteries.

I’m afraid to say that the political scene when it comes to honesty, not only in Britain but throughout the world, is getting worse.

An optimist would find it hard to derive any repose from events that signal a calamity waiting to happen. Wherever you look and whatever you see is seldom pleasing, and you feel exhausted in trying to analyse their consequences. The days of accurate prognosis are no longer in sight. We are losing the ability to master our destiny for outside forces have become unpredictable and sometimes make no sense at all.

Shall we despair? We’d better not, for after a big storm there is always a ray of sunshine.

One response to “Porkies and their Consequences

  1. We shouldn’t despair, but we shouldn’t expect things to get better without any effort on our parts.