Thought for the Day

The political situation in the UK, although showing signs of recovery – if we ignore the huge national debt – is still far from what it should be.

We still live beyond our means and as a nation assume an international role for which we pay very dearly. And if, by any chance, we fail to reach the accommodation our politicians clamour for in order to remain part of the EU, then the prospects of being marginalised by the Europeans will not auger well for our future and is likely to lead us into a wilderness the consequences of which are hard to assess at this point in time.

Given also that the outcome of a general election is in the balance, insofar as no one party seems to command a majority in a future parliament, the odds are instability will hamper real progress in moving forward to resolve many of the issues that bedevil economies throughout the world.

Labour are no longer an alternative administration as they lack a credible leadership to cope in an era where realities are a key factor, and left-wing dogmas that make no sense at all are abandoned to stew away in a cauldron where they belong.

As for the Conservatives, they too lack the inspiration great leaders bring to the fore and are led by a motley of public school boys who love the echo of their own voice and engage in platitudes rather than concentrate on dealing with major problems of national interest to demonstrate to the public that they have something tangible to offer.

Words and not deeds seems to be the newly found motto politicians of both parties are adopting in order to win public approval. That in itself is abhorrent to an electorate who can see through this deceptive strategy and are now alert to the machinations that demean the political establishment.

As a consequence, the majority of people are in a quandary as to whom they should cast their vote in the next general election.

It’s extremely hard to choose between the two parties. Labour are unelectable unless by a miraculous stroke of good luck, and the Conservatives are so divided that their tenure, if forthcoming, will spell one hurdle after another. This will create a state of chaotic administration that lacks a strong and effective leadership at a time when the world is on the edge of a precipice no one can confidently predict its devastating effect.

Let’s hope the gloom is overstated and a gentle wind will replace the advent of a tornado.

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