Thought for the Day

Is God anti the poor and in favour of the rich?

Despite my Roman Catholic upbringing I sometimes feel totally disillusioned with the concept of God as taught by the Church and based on an interpretation of scripture that does not always tally with the realities of His being merciful and benign.

The inequality of birth is another aspect of the conundrum that baffles the mind, since it is hard to understand the wisdom behind the disparity that exists between His subjects from the day of their birth.

No one has been able to give credence to the theory that the disadvantages are God’s preferred vehicle to enable people to enter the gates of Heaven, whereas those endowed with privilege seldom find it easy to resist the temptation of a sinful life that bars their prospects of eternal bliss in the company of their creator.

On the face of it, God can be described as a complex character whose mode of operation and governance is seldom deciphered with a measure of certainty – unless one has the blessed faith of an unshaken belief that the Almighty, whose omnipotence is beyond our cognition, is supremely benevolent and to whom our destiny belongs.

There are many questions that need to be answered, but most of us will say atheism is perhaps more troublesome to the mind than a true belief that life will continue in a different form after death, and this perpetuity is likely to provide us with the comfort we all seek – and there is always the hope the poor will inherit the privileges denied to them on this earth and the rich will become the poor of the next world.

A fantasy has a role to play in all this. Why not popularise it for the sake of serenity?

2 responses to “Thought for the Day

  1. My current belief is in a pantheon of Gods rather like Clash of the Titans – not always benign. It’s difficult to explain disasters otherwise, unless the Gods have no power at all.


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