A Little Bit of Something Does You Good

I must admit that the Sun newspaper has got a good eye for their choice of glamorous women whose nudity complements their stunning looks.

Their latest trophy is certainly Helen Flanagan who has joined them in a variety of roles to boost their reputation as the ‘best-selling nudespaper’.

To celebrate this momentous occasion the former Corrie actress stripped off for a sensational photo-shoot, wearing nothing but her favourite Louboutin designer heels.

Of course, she does it with her usual panache and without blinking an eyelid, for nudity has become second nature to her.

Her body is an erotic assembly of well-crafted desirable bits that glitter with every movement to inflame the most composed of men, whose resistance will give way to a torrent of uncontrollable sexual impulses.

I once chose her as my ‘Woman of the Week’ when she was two years younger. Although excessively sexy then, she has to my glad eye improved her capacity to be more alluring than ever before. I now find her devastatingly irresistible as her libido appears to improve with age and experience and with the confidence of a woman who has mastered the art of seduction.

She’s like a walking volcano whose fire brings a great measure of warmth, activated by a wild desire to entrance as well as captivate her quarry. Woman of her ilk are part and parcel of the elixir of life, which brings us joy and pleasure and a rare contentment in a world full of strife.

May the Good Lord bless them all and keep their candle burning for evermore.

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