The Mansion Tax Folly

Trust Labour to come up with a ludicrous mansion tax which will ensure their demise as a credible party to run the country if their lexicon of ideas has a similar strain.

They claim a commitment to helping the poor and the elderly, yet on the face of it their policies spell a disastrous failure to get to grips with financial realities.

To start with, the very rich always find ways to hamper taxation that hurts them – whereas the middle classes, who bear the brunt of paying the bulk of taxation levies, have become the scapegoats of every government, including the Tories.

Now Labour have signalled to the electorate that, once in power, their intention is to bleed them further under the guise of targeting the rich, while in practice they know that this is a lot of hogwash which the public has long dismissed as sheer manoeuvring simply designed to attain their political goal of winning the next general election.

The Labour elite don’t miss out on luxury living and are notoriously known as ‘the champagne brigade’. Their socialist principles are a cover up, for their circle of friends include the mega rich they claim to despise. They probably take their cue from the great hypocrite Francois Hollande.

The mansion tax is a vindictive means to force ordinary people out of their homes to give way to foreign billionaires, for whom London has become their hunting ground.

If one’s property purchased for peanuts three decades ago happens to be in vogue why would a Labour government force its occupants to move elsewhere by inflicting a yearly tax which they will be unable to sustain?

Why drive the elderly to leave their abodes, their true citadels, because property in their area has hit the ceiling and a Labour government with fascistic credence compels them to become refugees in their own country?

I cannot for the life of me understand this devilish policy of persecuting your own people because some idiot has proclaimed it to be the way forward to help finance the NHS.

If Labour don’t see the futility of this mansion tax then their hopes of ever attaining power will fade away and leave them in a wilderness of their own making.

I thought the Tories were bad, but Labour are the greater threat.

In a way, I am happy their true colours have emerged to warn the populace of the dangers that Labour will bring if ever we give them the benefit of the doubt.

Politics has already sunk to its lowest level. We need to uplift it, not degrade it further.

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