The Road to Nudity

Amanda Holden has, over the years, mastered the art of progression to nudity.

Slowly but surely she methodically revealed various hidden bits of her body, presumably to titillate her audience and keep herself newsworthy as possible.

But there must be limits to where revelation and elegance collide and raunchiness takes over. And her latest foray into this no man’s land does little to enhance her image.

Eroticism is best when contained within certain perimeters and by people who have the gift and the knack to use it with a degree of panache that comes naturally to some and rarely works for others. Ostentation is an art in itself and its application, if not cleverly administered, can heap no end of vulgarity that defeats its intended purpose.

Amanda’s behaviour for a forty-three-year-old mother of two is totally inappropriate given her stature in society as a very attractive woman with excellent manners and a princess-like disposition.

Her bottom of late has given her the impression of being the tops to the extent that she’s even had a plaster cast made of it. She then posted a picture of the real thing online; that, on the face of it seems to indicate that viewers were not so enamoured.

The TV presenter shared the image with thousands of her Twitter followers as she prepared to interview singers Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga.

Her dress, as the above picture illustrates, is a purple sleeveless mini-dress unzipped just above her bottom to give a maximum sexual thrill to stunned onlookers, most of whom criticised her for overdoing her latest disgraceful publicity stunt.

Can she really survive this outrageous faux pas and keep her image clean, since as the pictures show she can hardly keep her clothes on for fear, I must assume, of being forgotten.

Amanda should grow up and refrain from being labelled a stripper of sorts and guard her dignity with the same fervour as she unveiled her bottom.

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