Lucy the Gentle Lioness

Lucy O’Donnell is a woman with great courage who has proved that belief and resilience can miraculously reverse a grave illness and that nothing is to be presumed on or despaired of.

I am confident, however, that every woman would benefit from reading her book Cancer is My Teacher.

Those who have already done so are full of admiration and praise for her indomitable spirit in fighting a battle that many would find extremely hard to live with let alone conquer.

She’s full of beans, despite what she has already gone through and still continues with a treatment that saps your energy if you succumb to its gruelling discomfort and let dejection sneak in through the back door.

Her joie de vivre remains unsullied by her illness; in fact if anything it’s grown stronger and more pronounced than ever before.

In her company one senses an indefinable gaiety that spreads like a heavenly scent defying description.

Lucy with her mother Lady Vanessa Hannam

Her book has become the talking point among all her friends who whole-heartedly rally to her cause needing no encouragement. They feel almost a compulsive urge to do what they can to celebrate her triumph in showing us the way to deal with adversity and remain composed when hopelessness rears its ugly head.

In life nothing is certain but the unforeseen. Lucy has learned many a lesson and is well equipped to pass her indispensable knowledge to cancer sufferers who will always welcome a boost to their morale when they feel low and in anguish.

Lucy is the angel that many have been waiting for. So tell your friends about her book, which might for some be the best Christmas present to receive – and for others represent a small token of their appreciation for a woman whose example is as refreshing as it is endurable.

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