The Sex Siren to Watch

Cara Delevingne is a news magnet.

Whatever she does, wherever she goes, she’s followed every step of the way – unabashed and undeterred by the publicity that shadows her life so meticulously that nothing remains covered, even within the intimate confines of her privacy.

Her sensuality is so strong and varied that she freely admits playing for more than one team. And what a devastating player she has proved to be.

She’s never short of lovers, was close to Rihanna in the past, called Rita Ora her ‘wifey’, and has had an on and off relationship with Fast and Furious actress Michelle Rodriguez.

And now, as the picture shows, she has developed a new and deep friendship with Nicki Minaj.

The attachment is such that the pair have been talking almost every night since they met in Paris. Nicki has apparently been giving Cara advice on everything from music to relationships.

As we well know, Cara is a fast learner who has of late expanded her activities to embrace film – even an ambition to become a pop star.

A multi-talented young lady who has captured the headlines in a variety of roles, and made hearts flutter irrespective of gender.

I find her a woman erotically fired whose horizons are limitless. I hope that she won’t let excesses ruin her life, as she has the potential of much greater things to come.

I wish her well, for although she works and plays hard her determination is invigorating and worthy of our admiration.

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  1. Rory O'Connor

    I just came on to your website to say that it would be great to see your Maurice Cowling interview up. Don’t ask why I’m leaving the message here.