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President François Hollande will certainly be remembered as the most accident prone of any of his predecessors but also incapable of restraining his sexual activities, which seem to attract the French media on a constant level.

The sequence of events involving his private life keep cropping up after being deemed to have expired, or at least assumed by the public to have had its time. His off and on romance with the actress Julie Gayet is back on the menu. She has been seen strolling hand in hand with the pesident, as love birds do, in the garden of the Élysée Palace.

According to Closer magazine, which first revealed their love affair in January, Gayet has stayed for ‘sleepovers’ recently at the presidential palace and on a sunny afternoon last month, it claimed, they enjoyed a picnic on the lawn.

But then the bombshell of Valérie Trierweiler’s book hit the headlines with the ferocity of a mistress scorned, whose every thought regarding this president was spat out with rancour by describing him as a cruel figure who makes fun of the poor and is far from being their declared champion.

Apparently this kiss and tell book has, according to Closer, united Gayet and the president, sheltering their rekindled love behind the high walls of the Élysée.

Gayet last week appeared at the Beirut Film Festival where she is serving as president of the jury.

‘When Hollande is in the capital and when her job does not take her into the provinces or abroad, Julie joins her beloved in the Élysée Palace every evening,’ said the magazine. The palace staff are apparently not surprised to see her.

As for Trierweiler, she has already earned 1.3 million euros from her notorious book which is about to be published in Britain.

Despite both scandals, it seems that Hollande is in general a sex flop with most French women who would not want to sleep with the president according to a survey published recently by La Parisienne magazine.

The politician most women would want to bed is Françoise Baroin, the youthful-looking former finance minister under Nicolas Sarkozy. However, the sexiest is Arnaud Montebourg, a former economy minister whom Hollande sacked in August for criticising him.

It seems, particularly in France, that every cloud has a silver lining. You lose on one front to gain on another.

I wonder whether British women would want to sleep with any of our politicians. A survey can tell us things we are unaware of and will possibly shock us into a state of uncharted awakening.

In the absence of such a survey why not ask the readers of my blog to fill the gap and give us a clue?

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