Thought for the Day

No one would have thought that 2014 will turn out, so far, to be a milestone of violent upheavals in the Middle East and in Eastern Europe, making the return of the Cold War more a possibility than people would have ever dreamed of.

The interlude, following the dismantling of the Russian Empire and the unification of Germany, was a clear sign that world conflicts were now at a much reduced ebb as nations got used to the tranquillity of a peaceful coexistence where trade and camaraderie flourished among old enemies, and geographical borders were eased to make interchange among peoples as the best way to achieve international cohesion through the understanding of our different habits and cultures.

But it seems that the clock is now turning backwards and the appetite for discord is rearing its ugly head, provoking a state of chaotic ill-will that will spread like wild fire in a heat-charged world.

Unless we come to our senses before the flames of conflict ravage what we have built over the years in terms of living in harmony, then the future is bleak and man is likely to destroy yet again all the benefits he has so far accomplished; as if self-inflicted tragedies are his staple diet without which he ceases to exist.

How sad and immeasurably unedifying we would have become.

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