Healthy, Wealthy or Wise?

The secret of longevity is primarily to be disciplined, engrossed in total activities partly physical, but mostly, to keep the brain alert in a positive way so as to avoid the tedious hibernations that seem to come to so many people in old age.

Health is a key factor that must never be overlooked. To combat its decline, moderation in all things with the passing years plays a crucial part. The importance of maintaining a reasonably fit state of well-being by sticking to a strict regime on a permanent basis, as opposed to a fluctuating one, is vital.

To start with, although food provides us with the energy that fuels the body, it has nevertheless an addictive side that can be ruinous, distorts our shape, causes us a multitude of health problems and curtails our activities to lead an active life. We must seek to always remain constant and in an uninterrupted mode to ensure a smooth continuity.

The body, being one of the most elaborate engines that has ever been conceived and created, is by nature very resilient and will in normal circumstances, like a fortress, endure a variety of eruptions that requires an overhauling process from time to time. The engine must not be abused. On the contrary, it demands regular attention if we expect it to serve us well.

Simplicity is by far the most effective way of looking after our bodies.

For the last few years I have adopted a stringent way of eating, of going to bed early and rising at the break of dawn. A small breakfast with an orange as a starter, to include two pieces of wholemeal bread with a light soft cheese immersed in the best virgin olive oil available, and a cup of good coffee sees me through until lunch, nearly always at 12.30 on the dot.

In the evening I eat a very light meal at around 6.30 pm and go to bed before 10 pm; a pattern I find agreeable and keeps me in good nick.

Last, but not least, my fascination with women remains as strong as ever. I foolishly worship at their altar for they give me the happy memories that we all aspire to.

Old age is a period where we must adjust, but it has its rewards for we no longer have to struggle for status and recognition. Instead, we may look back and sometimes even congratulate ourselves on a job well done.

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