Thought for the Day

In times of crisis we must learn to call a spade a spade irrespective of whether he’s white, yellow, black or any other mixture of colours, so as to banish hypocrisy and rid the world of criminals whatever their gender, religion or sexual orientation.

Prejudices should not shield anyone from the arm of the law; neither should our rank or provenance give us an added protection denied to others. The more we delve into the system the more we come across hidden dark sides that in time become part of the equation and in direct conflict with what was meant to be.

Theory and practice become elusive and we find ourselves confused as to the rights and wrongs of a situation. We fabricate excuses for not preventing ill-doings and we call them the better alternatives of assorted evils. Victims suffer as a result of our actions and, like the biblical Pilate, we wash our hands from the responsibility of their fate.

Laws are presumably enacted to protect the poor, the infirm and the vulnerable but more often they fail on the grounds of the complexity of a system that requires advocacy which these categories of people have no access to or can ill afford.

It is time for a crusade of an intellectual nature to fight the odds stacked against members of our society who fare less well than the majority. And it is also time to instil a greater sense of responsibility in politicians who seem to have joined the ranks of money-grabbing sharks and remind them that vocation and ideals should be their prime motivation, and serving the people their ultimate objective.

It is then that our society can claim the ethics of real democracy.

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