A Rabid Enemy of the Middle Classes

The Conservative Party is destined to lose the next general election if they keep pursuing their present policy of bleeding the middle classes, who have become an easy target for the Chancellor.

The Chancellor in Jovial Mood

George Osborne has so far shown his disdain for the very people whose support is vital if his party is to remain in power.

It is bad policy to favour the very rich at the expense of the majority of the electorate.Even in the present administration, the poor are feeling the brunt of his misguided taxation levies that penalise the largest segment of the hard working classes, whose contribution to the economy is by far the most tangible and the easiest to collect.

Furthermore, such a policy can harbour seeds of discontent as the gap between those who prosper and those who struggle to keep their head above water becomes totally unacceptable and will, in the long term, cause harm to the economy by reason of a dissension that will be hard to control.

The days of confrontation between employers and employees are hopefully confined to the past, although few tremors from time to time still cost the economy a great hunk of money which we can ill afford or, to put it differently, can be used for better purposes.

I truly believe that George Osborne is the cog in the wheel of the new coalition government for his alignment with that section of the community who are more elitist and right-wing than the vicissitudes of time will look favourably upon, or even tolerate.

Nevertheless, he’s without doubt one of the most visible members of the coalition government but he needs to cultivate his image so as not to be labelled the heir to the ugly side of capitalism. His powerful coterie of friends does not sit well with his position as Chancellor since it is likely to give him the wrong image if that’s still possible, however much he tries.

His task in the next few months is to dispel the notion that he’s the foe of the middle classes – which he is at present – by investing instead in their future, and making them more comfortable to the ultimate prosperity of the nation.

The mega-rich are not always one’s best friend. They oscillate to suit the greed that spurs them on and are not the ideal bed-fellows. I would advise the Chancellor to take heed, for he has been warned.

To go against the mounting outcry against his ill-conceived strategy will cost him his political future.

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