A Bunion on their Spanish Onions!

Has sexual liberation become a threat to the male species as more women are now attracted to their own gender and find solace and comfort more conducive with women than with men?

The signs are becoming ominous to the extent that men should polish their act and stem the trend before it gains momentum, for they risk a relegation of their own traditional role.

To save their own bacon, it is imperative for the male to change his attitude towards women not only in the bedroom but also in his general treatment of the fairer sex.

Whenever you open a newspaper, it seems an item attracts your attention where a woman celebrity suddenly declares that she is gay. The latest is Spain’s national beauty queen posting a photograph of herself with her lover on a social media website.

Patricia Yurena, a stunning young lady who was crowned Miss Spain in 2008 and 2013, and came runner-up in last year’s Miss Universe competition, is the first Spanish national winner to make such a public disclosure.

‘I don’t regret what I did and I did it because I am happy about what’s going on in my life,’ said the twenty-four-year old from Tenerife.

The Instagram photo showed Miss Spain and her girlfriend, Vanesa Cordes, a singer and disc jockey, lying together on a bed underneath the caption ‘Romeo and Juliet’.

Her decision to reveal her sexuality won widespread support across social media sites.

‘Thanks to everyone for their comments,’ wrote Ms Yurena. ‘I published the picture spontaneously and in an impulsive manner.’

In 2012, for the first time, two openly gay beauty queens competed for the Miss California USA crown but both missed out on the title. The last Miss Universe pageant, held in November 2013 in Moscow, provoked controversy after it was boycotted by its gay television host because of Russian anti-homosexual laws. Andy Cohen pulled out of hosting the show and tens of thousands called for the competition to be relocated in light of the anti-gay propaganda laws passed by Vladimir Putin.

In 2012, the Miss Universe organisation owned by Donald Trump announced that it would allow transgender women to compete. Trust Donald, for he knows where his bread is buttered.

In brief, sexual liberation, which has freed inhibitions in both genders, has nevertheless brought with it a list of complications both religious and secular. Having said all that, the advantages of living in a free society which respects and recognises the intertwining of both genders far outweigh its occasional repercussions.

Sex in all its forms, as long as it is consensual, is to be encouraged to keep us healthy and in some cases less wealthy for it can turn out to be a commodity of high maintenance.

But ultimately, who cares? Nobody takes anything with him once his life expires. So indulge while you can and to hell with it all!

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