My Mysterious Muse

A friend of mine, knowing my interest in photography, gave me about two months ago a print in black and white of a naked woman without a proper identity since her head was obscured from the picture.

Looking at it several times increased my curiosity as if at every turn I saw a different vision and meaning of the erotic impact that seemed to embellish its dimension in every which way.

My obsession with the picture is more to do with the message it conveys rather than the sheer nakedness of what I can imagine of a woman in the prime of her sexuality oozing with a heightened erotic compulsion to celebrate her own body in a stark environment, while retaining its raw magical glow.

One nipple against the darkness is bewitching whereas the other, more exposed to the light, makes the contrast more alluring.

Her pubic hair strewn as if in a wild garden fully covers her sublime inner lips which become a more desirable target for a famished love, a love that craves the comfort of being intoxicated by the warmth of her thighs.

To me, the woman behind the veil of darkness is now a muse that I have adopted with all the secrecy of a lover reluctant to share his vision with anyone else – for his greed and wild perception knows no boundaries.


2 responses to “My Mysterious Muse

  1. It is very timeless and feminine in its eroticism. The moves like a soft caress over the body, which I feel adds to the emotive qualities of the image. You can almost feel her breath stop for a moment.


  2. I wonder if the naked lady will recognise herself if she sees the photo. She might then wonder how the image came to you. I wonder too what the intention was of the friend. To arouse you or make you jealous or was it an act of generosity? How would she perceive it?
    I agree the image is very erotic and it’s hard to imagine not wishing to pursue such a woman in another life.