A Wake-Up Call

Will we wake up tomorrow morning, assuming we did not spend the night glued to our television screens, watching the painful events unfold which would likely determine a new face for England bereft of its Scottish participation – or hopefully celebrating the Union that would have survived the vicissitudes of time?

If Scotland were to opt for divorce, the consequences for its people would be hard to assess at this point. This brave nation deserves a better course and a more promising future, rather than being bogged down in uncertainty and an uprooting which will cause unnecessary disruption not worth the gamble.

England and Scotland are part of a family of diverse talents linked by a common heritage. To see it all torn asunder will be an act of extreme folly.

There is still time to avoid a precipice that does not bode well for both parties. An urgent wake-up call is needed where the heart is contained in favour of common sense.

Great Britain should no longer beg and make ridiculous promises to keep Scotland on track. The Scots themselves should know by now the benefits which will accrue of a Union which I believe is made in Heaven. To reject it, is tantamount to a state of utter bloody-mindedness. Let’s pray it is not the case.

For I truly believe that the amiable Scots would in the end search their souls for the right decision – i.e. to keep the family intact.

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