Has Brigitte Bardot Lost Her Marbles?

As we grow old some of us become wiser, while others show signs of nuttiness.

In both cases the transformation represents an evolution in our concept of things which have not been attributable to our character, nor to our mode of life throughout the years when our activities were at their summit.

Take for example Brigitte Bardot, the French sex siren, who in her youth was her country’s most bankable film kitten and who epitomised Gallic glamour at its most alluring facet – and pause to see what has become of her now, knocking at the door of eighty.

Living in a sort of reclusive environment, far from the beauteous lifestyle of her past, the 1960s ideal of liberated bikini-clad French womanhood has recently described Marine Le Penn, the far-right leader, as ‘the Joan of Arc of the twenty-first century’ in an interview with Paris Match.

The magazine published a topless photo of the former actress on its cover, taken in 1967 when she was thirty-three.

Bardot said, ‘I mourn the fact that my beautiful country has deteriorated in every way.’

An outspoken supporter of Miss Le Penn’s anti-immigration Front National Party, Bardot has often criticised Muslims and has backed Le Penn’s campaign against the serving up of Halal meat.

‘I hope she [Le Penn] saves France. She is the Joan of Arc of the twenty-first century.’

It is ironic that she should mention Joan of Arc in this bizarre context – burned at the stake for heresy in 1431, yet considered a Roman Catholic Saint and sometimes referred to as the Mother of the French nation. In our troubled world these days nothing surprises me. To equate Le Penn with Joan of Arc is itself a heresy.

But who really knows? Potty as things might appear to me now taking place in many parts of the globe, the incomprehensible has become the norm and Brigitte is no exception.

But it is still sad to see such a luminescent woman as Bardot endorse the political ideologies of the Front National that will only enflame racial turmoil – not only in France but the world over.

Please, Brigitte, do us a favour and retire gracefully for politics have never been your forte. I would suggest you stick to animal husbandry which you excel at!

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