The Ides of September

As I suspected, the Sunday newspapers have woken up to the fact that Scotland is on the brink of gaining independence from the United Kingdom.

With less than two weeks to go before the Referendum, the Yes vote leads in Scots poll, suddenly causing shivers among those who believe in the enormity of the problems for Britain if the once unexpected turn of events were to take place.

The latest polls sent shock waves through Westminster as Tory MPs warned that David Cameron would have to resign as PM if Scotland voted to go it alone. Several Conservative MPs are prepared to go public and demand he quit, and two Tory ministers have signalled to colleagues that they would also feel compelled to resign if the Yes vote were to win.

Conservative whips revealed that they are ‘aware’ that a small number of MPs might seek such a crisis to oust Cameron. But the reality of the situation is far graver than the politicians have indicated to the public. David Cameron’s position will certainly be under serious threat and his cavalier attitude, by saying he wouldn’t resign if Scotland departs from the Union, is a lot of hot air not worth contemplating at the moment.

Britain without Scotland would be a tragic event and will cause almost insurmountable problems. The division of assets alone will lead to mayhem and the pound will get a battering that’s hard to imagine.

In the present economic upheaval the timing for both Scotland and the rest of the UK is catastrophic and the Scots in particular would feel the heat of separation. Their standard of living will take a dive hard to calculate at present. It is a sort of hara-kiri that is pure madness, which would lead to a state of ill-will between the newly independent Scotland and what would have become of Great Britain, now shrunk in size.

The scenario of what’s to come does not bode well for both parties. David Cameron will be remembered as the man who lost Scotland because of his whimsical call for the Referendum, the timing of which will haunt the rest of us for generations to come.

On my part I, who love Scotland, will bemoan its desertion and hope to God that the Scots will see the advantages of the Union with Britain and change their minds when they enter the ballot box. Change for the sake of it can be a step backwards from which it is almost impossible to reverse.

Let’s move forward while there is still time and avert the breakup of Great Britain and its influence in the world.

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