Political Correctness is the Culprit

I never thought I’d ever see a newspaper headline in the Britain that I got to love since I landed here at the age of eighteen to the effect that one thousand four hundred children were abused in Rotherham over a period of sixteen years.

Social workers, council bosses and police chiefs failed to prevent the sex abuse scandal that’s rocking the nation – and still most of those responsible have the audacity to claim that they have done nothing wrong.

A report just published described a litany of failings by those in charge for the protection of girls who fell victim to the abuse.

Many of the managers who held key roles in local authorities as gangs of mainly Asian men groomed, terrorised and abused girls as young as eleven and threatened them with petrol-dousing if they showed the least resistance, have remained in well-paid posts.

It’s a tragedy that the system which has in the last three decades facilitated the abuse of the law stems from the ideology of political correctness, which I now believe has run its course.

The legislation that prevents or at least limits free speech is a disastrous concept. It breeds hypocrisy and gives the authorities any excuse to impose draconian means to keep those in power beyond the reach of the law.

The more scandal is revealed, the more we realise that we are treading the path that will ultimately lead to the dreaded police state.

The power that this coalition government intends to give to the tax authorities to raid individual banking accounts is just one example of the catastrophic way in which we are heading.

What was once a man’s impregnable citadel is cast aside for the caprices of Big Brother.

If we won’t wake up to this nightmarish scenario then we have nobody to blame but ourselves.

We need a new broom before we start living in a totally dust-ridden environment.

One response to “Political Correctness is the Culprit

  1. When you compare the publicity given to celebrity paedophiles with the minimal publicity given to the Rotherham paedophiles you have to wonder what is going on. Political Correctness somehow gives us hesitation in taking a photograph of a child, fully clothed in a public place, even when it’s your own child, but the mainstream media managed to virtually ignore a mafia-style slave-child-prostitution racket happening right under the noses of police and social workers who had the situation repeatedly brought to their attention .